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India's Best and Odisha's no1 On Demand home services provider App: SmartBro nearu with top notch services for your thicks and thins. The best app in House & Home Category.

Odisha people ,we are your own. We are Odisha based startup who is here to help its people and provide comfort to their lifestyle. Making all your problems go away - be it plumbing, Ac service, Home cleaning, Car wash, CCTV installation or fixing Electric wires and switch boards. A team of highly trained and experienced professionals are just a call away. To make it easy for you - you can book your appointment in prior to avoid the late rush. Occasions need a thorough cleaning and fixing of our homes you can use this booking facility to make sure you are soughed. Don't have enough time to go to salon and pamper yourself? We'll bring the salon to you! We have the highly trained professionals with a lot experience to give the best salon service in your home. We just don't say it fir the sake of saying it, but believe in proving it in our services, we provide. In business trust is everything and in service industry trust is the ultimate thing. To protect that believe and faith that our customers have in us we can go to every extent. Extremely professional service and trained professional are we have to offer. This is what separates us from different companies. The excellency in service just to give you the satisfaction you expect. We're just making sure that we can do things a little less difficult for you and make a difference doing it

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